Cossacks 3

Cossacks 3 2016

Cossacks 3 is the latest instalment of the famous war-waging, strategy, economy and empire building game that originally dates back to 2000

Real-time eighteenth-century strategy View full description


  • Huge gameplay scope
  • Five single player campaigns


  • Really needs 6GB RAM to run well
  • Game controls not always easy to operate

Real-time eighteenth-century strategy

As an updated RTS game, Cossacks 3 certainly packs a lot in. Yes, you will need to deploy your troops well and deploy them at just the crucial time to win the day, but that is not everything. Additionally, you'll need to develop the right sort of economic policies to enable you to pay for and recruit your soldiers. What sort of buildings will you construct and will you decide to operate as a naval or land-based power? In the game, there are over 70 different types of unit you can recruit. The three-dimensional battle interface is world-class and the landscapes really alter depending on where you happen to be waging war so that it truly feels like a real terrain. Both single player gameplay and multiplayer options are available. Either way, you'll need to forge alliances here and there to be able to see your grand strategy to fruition. No less than twelve different languages are supported by the game platform. It is rated at Pegi 12.

Colossal battles

With the ability to bring over 30,000 soldiers to the field in a single battle, Cossacks 3 is built on an epic scale and therefore this RTS game is likely to appeal to anyone with an inner Napoleon waiting to come out.

Cossacks 3


Cossacks 3 2016